The Official BHS 2013 Talent Show Documentary - (1:44:29)

"BHS Talent Show 2013: The Live Experience" Filmed Live at Bergenfield High School on March 8, 2013

Dedicated to Judy Soporowski

ANOJ Entertainment presents, in association with The Class of 2013 and The TV Production Club, a Nat Jenkins Film: "Legacy - The Live Experience"

· Music by Nat Jenkins · Director of Photography, Alex Kneisler · Edited by Nat Jenkins · Executive Producers, Paula Cardona and Jim Fasano · Written by Anthony Occidentale · Produced by Anthony Occidentale and Judy Soporowski · Directed by Nat Jenkins ·

Music Videos

The official music video of Locked In featuring Abby Christian by JENX & The AntOxy - (4:37)

Produced by: Anthony Occidentale, Ryan Fish, Staly Chin, and Trevor Walker

Directed by: Anthony Occidentale

Filmed by: Staly Chin

Edited by: Anthony Occidentale

Technical assistance by: Ryan Fish and Trevor Walker

Locations coordinated by: Staly Chin and Trevor Walker

Props coordinated by: Trevor Walker

Assistance and direction from: Kent Barrett at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lighting Design course

The official music video of Love The Way You Lie (Live Acoustic Version) covered by Project 7 - (5:17)

Produced by: Anthony Occidentale and Nathaniel Jenkins

Filmed by: Anthony Occidentale

Edited by: Anthony Occidentale

Music editting by: Nathaniel Jenkins

Starring Anthony Occidentale and Nathaniel Jenkins

Vocals by: Lauren Tolentino

Arrangement by: Project 7

Original music from: Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie (Part 2)

Class Productions

Video introduction of 2.008 team and brief description of the design and assembly of our yoyo - (2:38)

Produced by: Anthony Occidentale, Anthony Kawecki, Alex Thorn, Becky Steinmeyer, Brandon Corts, Brian Wanek, Emily Tsang

Directed by: Anthony Occidentale and Anthony Kawecki

Filmed by: Anthony Kawecki

Edited by: Anthony Occidentale

Narration by: Anthony Kawecki

Terrascope Mission 2018 Spring Break Trip (2015) - Video Postcard - (1:52)

Produced by: Anthony Occidentale, Ari Epstein, and Lealia Xiong

Directed by: Lealia Xiong

Filmed and photographed by: Lealia Xiong

Written by: Lealia Xiong

Edited by: Anthony Occidentale

Narration by: James Roggenveen