For several decades now, every MIT student has been able to purchase a 'Brass Rat', which is a ring personalized for each class. This ring maintains similar components throughout the years (beaver side, Boston/Cambridge skylines, class side, seal side), but each year the design varies. The Ring Committee is responsible for picking the design, keeping in mind the circumstances that made their experience at MIT as a class memorable, and trying to incorporate those experiences in the design. The committee also oversees several events for the class, from a study break to get people excited, to premiere where the design is revealed, onto sales the following weeks, and finally delivery where the class gets together to receive their rings. The Brass Rat is undoubtedly the most important and well-known tradition at MIT, and some people even say that the ring is amongst the most recognizable around the world.

The Brass Rat is more than just a class ring, it is a unique and powerful symbol of the resilience, fun, dedication, and triumph that make us MIT students. The events of Ring Premiere and Ring Delivery and the intense involvement of a student-run Ring Committee combine to enhance the excitement around designing, revealing, ordering, and receiving the ring. It's always extremely exciting when sophomores receive their ring because we know we're halfway done with our MIT experience.

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Posted by Chris Welch Photography on Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ring Premiere Live Video

View the entire premiere of the 2017 Brass Rat!

*Subtitles are used due to audio malfunction*